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Neighborhood Medical Lab Provides On-Site Lab Testing

Neighborhood Medical Lab from Lake Worth, Florida, provides on-site lab testing services through Palm Beach County for the following:

Individuals With No Insurance Coverage | Businesses | Nursing Homes | Retirement Homes | Schools | Community Centers | Doctors | Nurses

Why Choose Neighborhood Medical Lab?

One of the main advantages of choosing Neighborhood Medical Lab is our fast turnaround—it only takes one day for us to return the results by email or your referral source. Some individuals are referred to us by their doctor. While all of our testing is accurate and confidential, individuals are recommended to review the results with their physician.

On-Site Drug Testing

Business owners need to be mindful of the health of their employees and shouldn’t be liable for any damages caused by individuals under the influence of illegal substances. Neighborhood Medical Lab provides on-site rapid urine drug testing for these reasons.

Flu and Strep Throat Testing

Employers, schools, and nursing homes can all benefit from these tests. Influenza type A, B, and Streptococcal Pharyngitis are responsible for seasonal pandemics that can devastate communities. Contact us for on-site lab testing or to schedule an appointment at our lab.

Drug Testing

Blood Sample

HIV and STD Testing

These tests are invaluable for people who are sexually active or thinking about becoming sexually active. We provide HIV 1 and 2 testing (oral and blood) and also provide Chlamydia and Trichomoniasis Testing. Individuals are strongly recommended to consult with their physician for any positives.

Pregnancy and Fertility Testing

We provide this service for women who may be pregnant as well as couples who would like to become pregnant. We are able to confirm if a woman is pregnant, her fertility, and her ovulation cycle.

DNA Paternity Testing

This test is ideal for individuals who would like to determine the truth about paternity before taking their next step. As with all of our testing, results are fast, accurate, and confidential. Testing takes from 3 days to 1 week.

Other Tests Available

Cancer Screening Test | Cholesterol Testings | Glucose Testing | Thyroid Testing